Published June 3, 2015 by EMMANUELLA ODUM

DSC_0056Hello Readers,
Its been ages i must confess!!! The Amazon has been quite involved in a lot of hunmanitarian activities for the benefit of World youths. Here’s something i’m quite sure you’ll love to read about.
Ever heard of the ODELL INITIATIVE??? Well, its a non profit organisation that seeks to empower youths in various rural communities in Africa.
Emmanuella Odum , is the Founder/Lead volunteer of this initiative. WANT TO KNOW MORE? Enjoy this post reblogged from the ODELL INITIATIVE’s site. You can also find out more by visiting their blog @ wwww.odellinitiative.wordpress.com.
Nothing but the best for my readers will do … and always remember , my amazing quill loves you !



The above picture tells its own story. It is the image of an empty school hall, void of not only the students but of adequate technical facilities to create a viable learning atmosphere for its intended occupants. This great hall played host to over 150 students in the just concluded training workshop,

#Project Reach-out organized by ODELL INITIATIVE in conjunction with ACI Computer Education.

A need to be met?


In Africa, by United Nations statistics, only one-fifth of the population will have access to the internet by the end of 2014! Whilst other continents such as America, Europe and Asia will have an impressive penetration rate of over 75percent of internet access!
Think about the wealth of academic opportunities that will be lost on the remnant population who either do not have access to the internet or cannot walk an efficient path online!
It is indeed a dire situation for…

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