Published March 7, 2014 by EMMANUELLA ODUM


An impressive term.
One which is sentimentally soddened with the saturated teachings of societal hypocrisy yet aches with a clandestine urge to literally extinguish its almost extinct significance. Ostensible? Philosophy opines that it is not, neither can its value be weighed accurately for the scales of prejudice doth lead us forth …further into the isles of subjectivism.
Since the dawn of time, primal man has crawled… tottered …walked and he may yet fly whilst His discipled mate in the same vein has adhered to Master Nature’s beautifully crafted script and done likewise. This Rite of Passage has been irreversibly altered by Nature’s male generation as the barely disguised urge to initiate a change in the ubiquities of life inhabits the heart of Man. Dreams of soaring the skies with metallic wings troubles his adventurous side, coveted know-how plus the mysteries beyond his knowledge, beckons to his unknown genius. The summons of life’s perks cannot be refuted as it is undeniably a challenge that mustn’t be turned down. Like a Man, he retrieves the baton of continuity and by so doing he interrupts the chain of normalcy. As audaciously shocking as this may seem, he is so permitted by Mother Nature!
In the midst of this change, the female instinctively knows her time is yet to come. She is teleported to a time when humanity’s exceeding applause for her unwavering support to mankind will warm her meek bosom. Hence her never-ending submission to her ordained partner. Her total surrender to his whims are visible through her veil of strength and her sober acceptance of Nature’s cruel dictatorial ritual is a sacrificial game played in a bid to appease the Fates who have threatened to expunge man for his betrayal. This sacrifice thus created the word …GOOD.
Who is a “GOOD” girl ?
The above passage has given an inkling that suggests who can be bestowed with the desired title of a graceful woman.
Religiously,a good female is meek in her ways … a symbol of physical and divine purity. She is a chaste being who snubs the attention of the material world. Most importantly, she is a submissive partner. Thus said, she remains the loyal wife who stays steadfast to “his” ambition to achieve and pays no attention to her secret desire to be just like him, just like a boy would wish to be like his father !
Our ever effusive society has its definition of a good female… she is one who begins her days with gratitude to everyone around her (whether habituating in sheer amity or not!) And she always wears a readymade smile for every pious individual or vampire. She is decent in manners and dressing and by so saying, she stays pleasantly calm despite the unfairness and bias displayed by life‘s obvious favoritism for the male folk. She adorns herself in unattractive robes ,which aim to conceal the luscious tendencies of her innards. Her garbs are sociologically selected from her overfilling societal pretentious wardrobe , thus she is adequately coiffed. She is the ideal female who never has dealings, whether platonic or sexual, with the opposite sex. Yet, she excels in her studies (like she is supposed to do) ,marries the wealthiest bachelor on the planet and somehow manages to please him in bed and out of it… how she does that, we (society), do not CARE!! And To further cap society’s laughable criteria, she is but a mere “normative” partner. Normative, in that, she merely wears her last name to constantly resound and reverberate the presence of her Man and must never be found in a healthy rivalry with him.
Again (which is usual), society fails to understand the workings of the female mind. It shall forever err in continuously stipulating and unrealistically demanding certain forms of behavior for the Woman. Ironically, Science also defaults by merely giving estimated and calculated results of the many needs of the Woman and thus posits peculiar trends associated with the “she-male”.
ALAS!!! The severance of the chain of norms and defaults that characterizes Science and Society’s prediction remains the greatest weapon Feminism has ever produced !
Yes! Gone are the days when we sit at home and rock that lonesome cradle waiting for “papa” to come home. The demure clothings which were worn for us have been trashed and we bid a warm welcome to the influx of lush feminine wears that guarantee a delectable look. Gone is the shame of our innate Sexuality , FOR now we flaunt what was once treated with a look of disdain. Our astounding intellect … once regarded as irrelevant…has saved Humanity ,Science and even Society! No more shall we hide the desire to be “like the man” for we feed the flames that consume his Ego. Together we have altered Mother Nature’s predigested rituals, and like our counterparts , we have been permitted!
I honestly wish this is where the story ends, but that doesn’t seem to be the case. For Feminism hath betrayed her followers. Our strikes against the world for locking us up in their claustrophobic holes have been duly noted and we are partially free. What previously seemed ethically wrong, now attracts the ovation of the crowd, therefore extremities have seeped in.
Therefore to the one who dares the most, the prize is given. For every girl who shuns the apron and the cradle , awards of dexterity and ambition are bestowed. For every woman who struts the streets in a risqué , sometimes, naked apparel, a lecherous and wealthy husband is awarded. For every female who dares challenge the opposite sex, her effeminate self decreases. The biggest losers remain those who stayed glued to that Era when women were known for meekness and submissiveness. Those who refused to call society’s bluff when it was most needed, those women who refused to dare.
Who is our conventional “good” girl? The one who sacrificed her vast potential for her man and got trapped within the walls of her essence… or she who escaped???
Think about it and while you do , I remain THE AMAZON and my amazing quill loves you.



  • This is an interesting write- up, bifurcating between ‘what is’ and ‘what ought to be’. I honestly think the onus falls more on the feminine gender to show the world that the primitive conception of the ‘good’ girl is not only derogatory but hinders development. The Amazon has shown the path, for other girls to follow. Interestingly, most girls use that primitive conception as a means of escape from responsibility and vision. This is the reason the task falls on them. As usual, the Amazon strikes gold again! Thumbs up!

  • To me the conventional “good girl” is one who separates family from personal aspirations or dreams. Been actively involved or supportive to your man’s ambitions isn’t a sign of weakness or been forcefully submissive. I believe you are a christian and if you read carefully in the book of Gen 2.18.amp “Now the Lord God said, It is not good (sufficient, satisfactory) that the man should be alone; I will make him a helper meet (suitable, adapted, complementary) for him.” What does this mean to you especially those words in bracket “suitable, adapted, complimentary” (that’s the amplified version not mine). Even if she escapes but from what??? Life, ideals, kids, love etc. A woman according to the good book actually portrays her as a helper and a helper is one who assist, a problem solver and one who is manipulative (my idea). The greatest weakness of a man is the woman…a woman who fights back violently ends up been ill treated but a woman who ignores ( to an extent) uses that meekness to be manipulative in a good way. Just my trashy write up! 🙂

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