Published May 19, 2013 by EMMANUELLA ODUM

Who am I?
Whispers of a zillion replies from visible phantom beings, attempting to hide their faces, beguile my already confused mind. It’s another day in my world where Rent is paid on a daily basis to ILLEGITIMATE landowners, who possess no faces but have their varying opinions as their identity.
Sadly, these whispers seem to lure me further away from the only personal sound I can dimly connect with … but hearkening to that familiar yet lone some voice promises the rejection of the world filled with these voices, thus I conform!
Conformity seems to be a word, a few overtly agree to be identified with. Perhaps those few are the only persons who seem to grudgingly admit that there is really no human who remains undiluted by the opinions of others. In the wake of our persistent quest for social acceptance and renowned fame, lies the silhouette of our personal thoughts… thoughts and opinions, which made us stand out, thoughts, which made us Unique. Sadly, uniqueness, by its very nature is a rare quality… Need I say more?
The notion that “it’s better (and a lot easier) to join them than beat them” has been given unmerited acknowledgement by all and sundry in every aspect of our society and no other section enjoys it more than the POLITICAL ARENA. The superfluous “agbadas” and plastic smiles of those who adorn them is merely the resultant image of persons who have ultimately realized that ,in order to eventually lead a people and sit at the “table of men” , one must conform to the dictates of the ever-present God fathers…thus they conform!
They have obviously forgotten that the greatest leaders the world has ever produced are those who stood their ground in the face of adversity. True freedom fighters whose definition of leadership is act of sacrificially guiding people of knowledge to firmer knowledge.
Our people have severely complained of bad leadership, yet in our endeavors we display the same corrupt practices. We steal to stay rich, we rig to win trivial elections and we embezzle meager funds when the mockery of such an opportunity is presented … a difference between our attitude and that of those at the helm of affairs is my search… a difference, I fail to see!
At this juncture, it is apt to bring to mind the words of Martin Luther King;
“The hottest part of hell is reserved for those
who remain neutral in times of moral conflict.”

So “MR James” thinks, that just maybe, if he stays detached in times of moral decadence and passes no verdict to correct a wrong, lest people hate him for revealing the truth, he remains a non-conformist even though the hidden intent is to ensure that enemies are not made, rather, he remains loved by all and the seat of power and wealth would await “his” arrival. ALAS! The warm and “too – friendly” arms of CONFORMITY embraces him and his thinly veiled deceit… because he still conforms!

FEMINISM isn’t altogether unaffected. The FEMINIST movement has faced various undignifying threats and her followers have been unduly mocked and scorned, yet their admirable resilience shines through this hailstorm of society’s disgust. In the midst of this battle however, lie renegades who possess the highest tendency to conform to society’s dictates!
Every passing day, I meet with young industrious women who clearly possess an enviable, ambitious streak to become women of substance, who one day will turn the tables around to the shame of chauvinism! Sadly, every now and then, I see them renege on this promise to their fellow comrades. With a heavy heart, I watch such vibrancy dissipate into a mist of nothingness as society makes another soldier of feminism die a conformist’s death…As she also conforms…!

The moral lesson of the story?
We all conform! Yes, you and I do.
We have no say in our lives as we often deceive ourselves that we do. We gladly fulfill the dreams of society, worship the opinions of every “tom, dick and sule” and cast our opinions to the flames of yesterday. Invariably the embers of this inferno is merely a reminder of our personal views that shall no more see the light of day than we shall find ourselves…
Think about it and while you’re at it, I remain THE AMAZON and my amazing quill loves you *winks*

NB:- Big shout out to my supportive FRIENDS , thanks for loving the non-conformist that I strive to be.


21 comments on “…TO PLEASE THE WORLD

  • lovely piece,,, i hate being a conformist too….. i hate d crowd mentality cos the crowd mentality cannot be the progressive mentality…
    Great energy in the write-up… it shows a really noisy mind…

  • Awesome piece! (As usual).

    Sometimes, the aftermath of not conforming to status quo is very discouraging…little wonder why the road of conformism is spilling over! Thinking about it, do u pride ur integrity and personal uniqueness over life’s ephemeral “rewards”??? Would u rather be called “mugu” than “street smart”???…That is the question 🙂

  • You have given voice to whispers in few minds, thank you. The word ‘Diplomacy’ has been adulterated in such a manner that it is erroneously perceived 2 mean ‘doctoring’ d truth, ‘lawyering’ facts, conform to a stereotyped idea n trying 2 sit on a stupid fence even in d face of disservice. Conformity, the slayer of integrity n fidelity to principles, without which Man (this includes both genders o) is worse than animals.

  • The bane of our society is the absence of truth and intolerance to truth. Conformists are the very reasons our country is dying a slow and painful death. By the way, let’s give Emmanuella a big round of applause.

  • This is brilliant; it’s true that in order to stand out, we must first fit in, but sometimes in fitting in, we get in too deep. But when The Amazon is read, a reminder is served. Thank u for this one. Will pass it on.

  • An acute stimulus as this has indeed really instgated ♏Ɣ very self into stamping words or criticisms of some sort on this rather delicate essay hanging overhead. I often quarrel with the notion that existence spins within the circles of non-conformism. Of course it pushes the very of point of an adage that dictates that a human is a human because of other humans. Home to that is the very part which consciousness has helped to build on reality, that we exist because we think, and which when placed before a mirror would reflect another axiom that: To be is to function. The unequivocal paradox that ties existence to itself is that non-conformists conform to that very consciousness and persistence which they strongly assert, thus negating conformism in itself, which arouses the very truth that conformism is really an odd mixture of itself and its opposite half, non-conformism. A critic once loudly suggested that this unequivocal paradox should serve as guiding thoughts to a host of intense beings ranging from activists, moralists… all the way to feminists. Still, the rather delicate essay, hanging overhead, remains an impeccable piece of brilliance.

  • I could feel your energy through this piece which is awesome by the way. There are conformists everywhere and it is a norm everyone of us has indulged in from time to time. I wouldn’t say conforming to norms is totally bad but i guess the disadvantages outweighs the advantages and it destroys us silently without us even knowing at times.

  • Beautiful! I love your flow and your energy .Expository, yet literary- very instructive, very enlightening…n deep..one could tell its truth, aunthenticity/ sincerity, n that it is welled up from deep in your soul. We choose to conform, but be non-conformists; we chose to conform but wit a purpose…we choose to conform to make a change. We will, we must…’Cos generations unborn will point their fingers and curse us, if we fold our arms, look around, n do nothing but conform.

    Awesome work, Ella

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