Published February 27, 2013 by EMMANUELLA ODUM

Here’s an ENCHANTING POEM written by my close friend and colleague…TEMITAYO OGUNMOKUN !!
Tayo takes us to that realm where we wonder whether the resilient efforts of the average African Youth would eventually be celebrated!!!
This intriguing poet,who’ll definitely give Andrew Marvell , a run for his money(if he was still alive!) is someone to watch out for!
Indeed the AMAZON is pleased,she hopes her readers will be too. Only the best for my readers will do, *winks*

Temitayo Ogunmokun

A traveller I am on this lush green field
Ignorant of the powers the Fates may wield
My curiosity piqued as I boldly toe
New lanes never trodden by friend or foe

Armed with nought but seeds of truth
And the daredevil schemes of intrepid youth
Not guided by tales of travellers past
Yet I found my spot and there I’d last

And in this field, my seeds I planted
In reality, that was all I ever wanted
A dream; a life given me to nurture
For its produce would seal my future.

Alas! My seeds weren’t destined to grow
For the sun came out -long, harsh and slow
I stood helplessly and watch them shrink
Wordlessly pleading for one final drink.

I wallowed in despair at my sudden doom
And trembled in fear in my narrow tomb
No hope sprang eternal from this breast
Tears pouring, I knew I’d…

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  • I love this poem. The metaphor of travel, of the road, is dealt with effectively by poet. The poem’s mellifluous rhythm is also apt, as it reinforces the image of a free-flowing road. Kudos to this poet!

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