Published February 22, 2013 by EMMANUELLA ODUM

Croak…, croak…croak!!! Sharp sparks of streaking light pierce through my closed lids and crudely lifts the veil of slumber from my protesting eyes. I thought that alarming frog of mine which I ironically nick-named “my alarm’’ had begun its rehearsed cacophony in a bid to awaken me from slumber, but alas! It wasn’t to be, for the ominous sound was emanating from the adjacent compound and it was gradually obliterating any form of drowsiness from my eyes *sad face* .The owner of that upsetting and calamitous falsetto was none other than my neighbor, Shola, the everlasting wannabe, who calls himself an “arktiste’’(*rme*, Evenmy computer is correcting him). Attempts to drown out the horrendous and almost morbid sound proved abortive as it was horrid enough to pierce through my cocoon of thick, warm blankets and my shield of covered ears! Unfortunately, Shola’s case is one amongst many other cases of Nigerian Youths and their resilient efforts to hit the Nigerian stage or spotlight by hook or “croak”. The spine of the Nigerian economy is now practically centered on the Entertainment industry alone. The aim is to entertain whilst the motive is to climb the financial ladder of wealth, fame and power, without having to do more than would otherwise have been necessary, after all it is legit, isn’t it? The legitimacy of this view point is nothing compared to the dire consequences that may occur as a result.
The average Nigerian youth wakes up every day with a mindset to hit the jackpot of unlimited wealth and the fastest way to do just that seems to be the greatest undoing of her motherland! (Note, they will not call it fatherland oh).
The Nigerian Entertainment Industry is a Home to all sorts…The multi-talented, The Talented, The “misplaced priority” individuals, The Hopefuls (wannabes) and many more. Youths gifted with amazing genius and various ideas and skill in vast professions, which could be harnessed and channeled towards an economic and scientific improvement of our nation, now hide this God–given ability in an invisible box to pursue the spotlight in the world of entertainment , and those who don’t follow this trend are discovered and taken by great, knowledge –seeking nations, and their skills are put to good use, resulting to a development of the state of such a country, what a colossal loss to ours.
The most infuriating part of it all is that those who hit jackpot with a lucky stroke in this industry, puff up their shoulders and inflate their previously non-existent ego and say “ well.., even though I didn’t go to school, today I’m more successful than you’ll ever be!” and the gospel truth is, they usually are!!!
Where are our natural and social scientists? Where are our astronauts to take giant leaps in space? Where are our farmers? Where are the Geniuses’ of our time? Where are our scholars? Where are we? I’ll tell you where they all are… they’re hidden within the deepest recesses of the society’s ignorant mind! No one gives “two hoots “about them.
Every other sector seems to fall behind the sector of the “bright lights” and graduates of other professions are forced to rid themselves of their hard-earned certificates; laurels bought with blood and sacrifice, because it seems the only way to go and those of us who insist on attaining professionalism in the academic world are mocked unfairly. I’m not in any way stating that the Nigerian Entertainment industry is devoid of talents, of course it isn’t! Nigeria is blessed with a lot of talented entertainers but due to the fact that, the field is ladened with all sorts (the good, the bad, the confused!), it’s become increasingly difficult to sieve out the chaff from the wheat. You might suggest that we are imitating the melting pot (The United States), However, Don’t forget that every aspect of her society is thriving; no sector is sacrificed for the other! If we must imitate, let’s do it RIGHT…
The country needs our prayers no doubt but she also needs from her citizen, an individual determination to create a much needed change. While you’re thinking about this, I remain THE AMAZON, and my amazing quill loves you *winks*…

Ps: To my Readers,
Thanks for constantly reading and leaving comments. It’s awesomely encouraging. LOVE YOU ALL.


11 comments on “NAIJA…MUST WE ALL ENTERTAIN…???

  • Nice one…I really hope shola reads this! Loooool! On a serious note, I seriously pray this marks d beginning of Nigeria’s turning point…we are in huge soup! God bless Nigeria 🙂

  • beautiful piece. as usual, very entertaining! i noticed that slight hint at feminism again. typical you! great piece once again. cant wait for the next.

  • loool……tried commenting on this earlier, apparently said comment was lost in this labyrinth called the internet. As hilarious as this piece is, it is a reminder that its all about as someone put it “get rich or die trying”. i look around and I see youths digging a mass grave for Nigeria’s future… As the elders of my tribe would say “ki oluwa ran wa lowo” which translates as “God is our only chance for salvation”. Awesome piece *of course we expect nothing less* God bless Nigeria

  • This is the shallowness that has continuosly plagued our ‘fatherland’ (intentional use of the word, lol). A focus in a direction and utter neglect of other viable avenues. A wonderful piece yet again from Uche.

  • No, it’s not a must that we all entertain, for that would leave none to be entertained. Everyone of us must find his/her own talents and peculiarities and work towards the relentless improvement of his/her own gifts, so that e can have a total and healthy society. Still, the talent-delusions of many people, especially youths, might be excused, because there are many talentless people like them making waves in the entertainment industry. Most of our hit songs are without lyrics, without artifice, and so the Nigerian entertainment arena now seems to belong largely to the base and the brainless. Only God can help us. I just tire! Good work again though, Ella. You see properly, and you express properly what you see.

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