Published February 15, 2013 by EMMANUELLA ODUM

Just sitting here staring blankly at my computer screen (yawns). It seems the words have refused to spill forth so maybe I’ll just surf the net for a while and get my mind busy. Suddenly there’s an irritative reminder that I haven’t checked this almost-defunct e-mail of mine and I decide to do just that (they should have just closed the silly thing sef). After deleting irrelevant messages, my ever roving eyes inform me that I’ve got 3 messages pending in my drafts folder. ‘But then…’ I ask’, what could those messages be?’ In quelling my curiosity, I discover an essay that I had saved some years back. The diction used to convey the message in the write-up was rather juvenile or better still childish! (O BOY!!!) I couldn’t believe it was my write-up! I could remember the sense of accomplishment I felt when I wrote that piece; it was like I had written a masterpiece!!!! (*laughing and rolling*) And here I am, years later, dissatisfied with my words of expression when it’s a lot more sophisticated than it was back then. Here I am feeling dissatisfied with my intriguing progress (mehn,am tired of me!)
In essence, SATISFACTION seems to elude us all. No one seems to know what they are searching for and if we do; and we eventually find it, we yet remain dissatisfied (ojukokoro!). We set so many targets for ourselves which we often meet, still there’s always this feeling of a greater need. It’s a vague emotion that I can’t quite seem to grasp. Most times we try so hard to hide it so as to keep it from reflecting in our eyes but if you attempt to lift your head and peer into the concerned eyes of people, you’ll definitely behold a mirror reflection of the same confused expression!!!
We seem to be seeking for one attainable desire or the other; still there is a notion of evasion, like the desired object remains evasive. It’s akin to holding a slippery eel …that keeps slipping from your grasp.
Contentment…, what is it? Some scholars have defined it as a euphorical state of mind where peace is pervasive (story, STORY…!), and others just regard it as a mental or emotional satisfaction. But what does the AMAZON perceive it to be? D E A T H!! *shivers* Contentment is DEATH.
Perhaps SHAKESPEARE and I share same views on this point as he subtly opined in his book, MACBETH, where the hero’s quest for unending power finally bestowed him the crown as well as THE COFFIN. In every sphere of our lives, every stroke of luck or success brings us closer to that dream “satisfaction” we crave for and as long as we desire more, there is no contentment yet. As morbid as this may sound, the only occasion where I beheld that peaceful contentment was upon the face of a corpse! There was an eerie stillness that reminded me of its lack in the faces of living that I see every day. I’m sure my dear readers are wondering why THE AMAZON’S so scary today *smiles* , I guess she’s merely trying to remind you that the more dissatisfied you are because you are yet to achieve some great feat, the more alive you are. THINK ABOUT IT…
And while you are at it, I remain THE AMAZON, and my amazing quill loves you…*winks*


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