Published February 12, 2013 by EMMANUELLA ODUM

The inspiration for this piece is actually a mesh of varying experiences… one of which ignited the AMAZON’S FLAME OF INTEREST.
It was one of those hot tiring days when you just wanted to attend the last class and call it a day, well this class was PHL 304( ETHICS) and we were trashing out Plato’s views on ABORTION (that Plato guy ehn…let’s just leave him for God) . Anyway, PLATO in his theory divided the society into three CLASSES, and he declared that only the intellectuals in the society belonged to the “Philosopher as King” class and thus NO ONE from the other two groups (ARTISAN & BRAVERY), who I must add were viewed as RETARDS AND SIMPLETONS! , should be allowed to mate with any philosopher!! *that’s his wahala #rme#*. Suddenly a student stated that WOMEN obviously belonged to those two groups!!! Trust me, I couldn’t contain my shock!
Back to the present…
Those boldly encrypted words above as well as the short narration that follows, when elucidated properly merely depicts the sorry views (even though well hidden) of the present society in relation to the female folk. I know what you’re thinking, just looking at that title … (and AMAZON promised no huge words oooo!) *lol* (don’t worry; I’m not reneging …YET!) Let’s break it down, shall we?
Neo-colonialism simply put is political control by an external power over a territory which is deemed to by all to be independent and sovereign whilst FEMINISM is a movement/doctrine that advocates equal rights for women (chill out, am getting to my point *rme*)
In the modern world ,the feminist movement has succeeded to a large extent ,in creating equal rights and opportunities for women in various countries of the world including Nigeria, thus lending support to the argument that “ what a man can do…a woman can do even better’’ (before nko?)
The resulting effect? Women presently occupy enviable leading; top notch positions hitherto reserved for the MEN alone and this is evidenced in all sectors of the society–;The stock market ;The World Economy; The medical field; The legal profession… the scroll is endless. Women scarcely lose it all to relatives, following the untimely demise of Husbands, as was the case back in the days.
We no longer stay put in a hopeless marriage with features of battery and incessant degrading maltreatment. The avaricious tendencies of husbands to cheat on their wives ,with the silly claim that “ man is polygamous by nature” has been countered with the continuous escape of distraught women into the warm ;waiting and soothing hands of a DIVORCE!
Yes, WE ARE WOMEN and we are free!! Chauvinism has been slain!
Err… Hold up one second… are we really free? Yes, society might make us revel in that purported knowledge, but we aren’t as free from the indomitable shackles of chauvinism as we are made to believe.( how do you mean? My readers may ask)*shrugs* .Take a good look around you.
It’s still conventional to discard your surname (your maiden name) for that of your husband; after all he is the MAN! IT’S UNCUSTOMARY TO NOT DO SO.
Society still frowns at you when you’ve not cinched a man in marriage by the age of 30, and if you must do so, he must be a RICH guy with awesome looks who loves you to Death (how you get him, we don’t care). While being a mum, you must also be a successful career one, who caters for her brood, both in the kitchen and in the bedroom (if you die while at it…tough luck)
Society still frowns at DIVORCE(ladies don’t be fooled),so even when that man brings his cheating hide home, our dear society expects you to welcome him with no complaints ,because that would make you a nagging wife…*TSK TSK*
Let’s leave the domestic arena for a while. Looking globally now, Women have become presidents (of smaller countries, albeit), ministers, chancellors, blah blah…! Still society may never really see them as the number one (should we say) “MAN” of a country like the UNITED STATES (Poor Hilary) or even our dear country Nigeria (Poor SARAH). How about the recent World Bank Presidential Elections??? U may fill the facts of that one in!
In all, it’s obvious that we are still under the political control of the opposite sex, even though we are made to believe in the mirage of a successful feminist movement. It’s feminism all right, but it’s a chained one, no doubt. It’s colonial in nature… Old Wine, New Skin!!!
May God help our struggle and lead us to our promised land…
A-MEN *coughs* I mean A-WOMEN *rme*
Until then I remain the AMAZON and my amazing quill loves you *winks*


12 comments on “NEO-COLONIAL FEMINISM…

  • Is der rili a nid to? Not like women are being caged buh jus watched. If mistakes are made, allusion wud be made to d weak feminine side u know. It always comes up

  • Very beautiful piece indeed. love the vigour with which you addressed the topic. this might sound kinda weird and a betrayal to the masculine class to which i belong but i’m a supporter of the feminist movement myself albeit a passive one. i see absolutely no justification whatsoever in the widely accepted view of masculine superiority. Good one Ella. Please keep it up.

  • This reminds me of Dan Brown,that is, you can’t stop reading until u get 2 d end. Nice one. However, *coughs* Plato’s theory is fraught with its excesses, what necessitated ur ‘anger’ is not one of them though it was ignited by an obviously dim witted fellow. Your cause of defending the female gender has been on point, however, u need to address them @ a point. Impressive, Uche.

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