Published February 8, 2013 by EMMANUELLA ODUM

So much ”WOOL GATHERING” goes on in this little head of mine (yes, my head is physically small). Such daydreaming,for me, usually culminates into ideas,strategies,ambitions …the list is exhaustive! And its praCtically unforgivable to let these ideas and notions escape without giving them a voice. Who knows, it may change someone’s twisted and unconventional outlook on life or better still ,it might be the change Nigeria needs (i dare you to laugh *straight face*). Thus,i herald the arrival of ”MY VOICE”( don’t get smart here,i’m not referring to the one you hear)

And in response to your unspoken question (*rme* yes,i can almost see u asking) , the answer’s NO! NO,it will not be a blog with write-ups that contain heavy and ambiguous words even i can’t comprehend and this is because one thing i greatly respect in the beauty of language is COMMUNICATION ! and when that goal isn’t acheived ,you may as well be writing in a foreign lingua . With that kind of writing style,i can promise ME an audience with perplexed ,enlarged and stunned eyes gazing at the screen in puzzlement (now that’s a laugh!!) . So i’ll keep the diction simple but slightly elevated if need be.

My hands are itching to write on but i have decided not to empty it all on the first post (it’s hard though *giggles*)

So people!its the AMAZON and her amazing quill loves you *winks*


15 comments on “NOUVEAU…

  • Now I agree colleague,’there’s no end to your talent’.Keep stoking the fire Emanuella,you were made for greatness,and so far you’re not doing bad.Keep it up

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